Pfeifer design furniture for manufacturing and retail brands worldwide.
We create exceptional fit-for-purpose furniture on a commercial scale. Established London, 2003.

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With an equal emphasis on storage as on utility, Carousel sideboard integrates an elegant rotating turntable, perfect as a drinks cabinet or to display favoured objects.

Designed exclusively for WEWOOD Portuguese Joinery the Carousel sideboard reveals a superior quality of craftsmanship that sees solid walnut or solid oak combined with a gorgeous marble top that integrates flawlessly to complement the wooden tones.

Available across Europe and internationally from select WEWOOD stockists.

Pfeifer - our process

Every item of furniture we design is the start of a new conversation. We think deeply, discuss, debate, and question a whole lot more, until the idea is completely resolved and fulfilled in every facet.

This means we create something unique and novel and special, every single time. But the end product is always something of which we are truly proud.

We have been recognised for this too - our work has received prestigious awards, and it’s a delight to see people enjoying our furniture in the USA, UK, across Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

Between us we have a great breadth and depth of experience - our combined study and passions led us to work in design across manufacturing, research and development, digital communication and finally into our own practice designing furniture.

Throughout the design process we consider deeply the core function of each piece, the form and the final user experience. We strive to work with natural and sustainable materials.

Subtly exploring and pushing the boundaries in manufacturing, materials and structure is something that comes naturally. We are passionate about innovation and ingenuity; though you’ll have to take a closer look to appreciate the finer details, which are integral to each piece, but perhaps not immediately obvious.

There isn’t a lot of ego around what we do. We just work on the best possible outcome for everyone, and the result speaks for itself.

We are pragmatists, design strategists and creative visionists.

We are Pfeifer and Pfeifer is us.





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Where to Buy / Retail

We work exclusively with manufactures and retail brands and do not retail any of our furniture ourselves. However, we like to know where our work ends up so have compiled a current list of favourite pieces and where to buy them around the world. If you retail our products and would like us to link to your shop please get in touch

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