Affoltern Dining Table on Trend Hunter

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Affoltern Dining Set Serves Up Vibrant Details for Flavorful Decor
Published: Jan 29, 2014

It is certainly possible to mix traditional design with contemporary flair, and this is precisely what was done with the development of the Affoltern dining table and the Danja dining chairs. This collection of kitchen furnishings has been made from solid oak wood to take forms familiar from generations passed.

Leonhard Pfeifer worked with manufacturer DoroBanti to make pieces with the lovely details of turned struts and braces. It's these subtly sculptural structural elements that the designer decided to paint, transforming them into vivid visual accents that make them unquestionably modern. The Affoltern dining set is sure to charm the young and the old and even those with typically differing preferences for decorative styles.