Limited edition Grey Goose Mini.Bar

A limited edition of 50 Grey Goose Mini.Bars were created for the launch of Grey Goose "la Poire" (Pear) vodka in Zurich today.

The super-premium vodka is made with the essence of Anjou Pears and has a sweet, mellow flavor that is augmented with the scents of honeysuckle and wildflower.

C’est magnifique!  It looks beautiful and is exactly what I need in my own home in Cognac, enjoying a Grey Goose cocktail...” Maître de chai François Thibault

Cellar master, François Thibault is inspired by the centuries old traditions of the Cognac region, creating a vodka unlike any other. Perfect strength and smoothness are achieved under his guidance. He closely monitors every step in the production of GREY GOOSE® to ensure its exceptional quality.

 Images courtesy of Martin Tromp