Mini.Bar Boudoir

A collection of 8 limited edition pieces, the 2009 Mini.Bar Boudior range brings the bar home. Expanding on his successful retail product, Leonhard Pfeifer collaborated with creative partner Karla Thompson, to individually handcraft 8 Mini.Bars - creating an array of sumptuous side-tables perfect for private entertaining.


Coco Mini.Bar from Chanel nail varnish

Dripping with passion the Coco Mini.Bar takes its lead from the Femme Fatale. Using classic Chanel reds, the nail varnish runs down the Mini.Bar creating bars of entrapment and an element of danger.

- No. 159 Fire Red and No. 18 Rouge Noir nail varnish stripes


Anna Mini.Bar from Vogue September edition

Fashion, some would argue only last moments, fluttering by and touching only the most   glamorous, who enjoy a luxurious life of parties, champagne and dress-ups. US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, the inspiration behind Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, created a Vogue masterpiece of 798 pages in September 2008.

- 798 butterfly clusters hand cut and sewn from the pages of the US Vogue September 2008 Edition delicately perched waiting for the next new thing.


Mulberry Mini.Bar from Silk

Feeling tired and unloved? Sit by the Mulberry for a touch of sophistication and old world charm. Sip away your troubles whilst listening to or reading the classics, wrapped in rich red silk.

- Gathered Dupion Silk

Hi-Yo Mini.Bar from Silver Leaf

Majestic, and proud, the Hi-Yo Mini.Bar has been lovingly brushed with silver leaf and pampered in the stable. Fancy a ride?

- Silver leaf with varnish top coat

Raree Mini.Bar from 1920’s erotic decoupage

Before cinema or television, a peepshow or Raree box (Rarity Box) was a great novelty.

Layers and layers of loveliness, the Raree Mini.Bar holds dear to the memories of the peepshows. Though for a modern twist, there is now more on the outside than the inside.

- Erotic images from the 1870’s through to the 1920’s


Charleston Mini.Bar from fringing

Shocking the late Victorians by shaking their tassels, Charleston dancing separated the movers from the shakers. Always looking to show off its fringing this little bar will shimmy into your heart.

-  Rows of 8” Black tassels on a deep imperial red background

Bunnies Mini.Bar from white fluff

Fluffy white pom-pom tails have been an icon for sexiness and glamour since the Playboy clubs of the 70’s and 80’s. A perfect party hostess, bunnies will never let the drinks run dry. Enjoy one or maybe two.

- Upholstered in white fluff.

Barbarella Mini.Bar from leather with pink trim

Practiced getting dressed in zero gravity lately? Barbarella Mini.Bar may simply be an excuse to end up in yet another erotic situation…

- Wrapped in smooth brown leather with pink trimmings